A Complete Guide for Girls to Learn What Type of kurtas design colors They Should Pick!

kurtas design colors They Should Pick

Kurtas have grown in popularity among girls and women worldwide for their ease and usefulness. The color of a kurta is a vital factor that affects its overall look. Pick out the exact color that can make a fashionable and satisfactory outfit. 

“Your personality can be heightened, and your appearance can be made more graceful by a classy and properly colored kurta.”

Opting for the perfect kurta can be an overwhelming task. Still, with the correct understanding, you can select the top that suits you. Remember to consider your skin tone and incident while choosing your kurta.  

A complete guide for girls to learn which colors of kurtas are suitable for various designs

The tone of your skin is an essential factor when it arises to selecting the accurate color for your kurta. The following are some references for different skin tones:

For those with a fair skin tone, trying out a range of colors is probable. Light colors such as crayons, mushrooms, and pale pink are perfect for daytime trials. In contrast, darker shades such as dark red, navy blue, and black suit evening occasions.

You can choose brighter shades such as yellow, orange, and red if you have an average skin tone. You can also go for plain tones like brown and olive green.

For those with a dark skin tone, choosing colors that match their skin tone is suitable. Shades like deep purple, emerald green, and mustard yellow are superb choices. Moreover, metallic shades such as bronze and gold can also be tried.

Dark Tones:

Classy and gorgeous, dark colors make a formal and stylish look. These tones are samples of black, navy blue, claret, and deep green. Silver or gold jewelry balances dark kurtas, which can be combined with either leggings or churidar pants.

“Dark colors are faultless for formal incidents, business conferences, or dinner parties.”

Bright Colors

Lively and bold, bright colors make a happy and energetic appearance. Red, orange, yellow, and hot pink are instances of these types. They must be more responsible for celebratory events, parties, or nights out with friends. Statement jewelry equals bright kurtas, which can be paired with moreover leggings or palazzo pants.


Prints are an amusing way to add personality to your kurta with flowery, geometric, and abstract designs. They are faultless for everyday occurrences, summer trips, or beach holidays. Minimal jewelry matches printed kurta design for girls, which can be paired with either leggings or palazzo pants.

“There is a huge selection of designs and prints accessible in print kurtas, confirming that you can always catch one that resonates with your taste and humor.”

Pastel Colors

Soft pastel colors, with pink, peach, mint green, and lavender, are mild and comforting shades best for a delicate and feminine look. These shades are perfect for daytime events, brunch dates, or weddings. Pastel kurtas balance gold or silver jewelry and can be matched with leggings or palazzo pants.

Earthy Shades

Natural and warm, earthy tones make a casual and easy look. Mushroom, brown, olive green and rust are samples of these shades. They are tops for daytime cases, casual outings, or picnics. Minimal jewelry matches earthy kurtas, which can be combined with either leggings or palazzo pants.

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“Kurtas have a supreme charm that stems from their ease, style, and grace, making them a symbol of sophistication.” Choosing the suitable color for your kurta can considerably impact the look of your outfit, making it trendy and satisfying. Make sure you reflect the occasion, style, and skin tone when selecting a color. Trial with many shades and prints to find the perfect match for your kurta. This comprehensive guide lets you choose the perfect color for your kurta, regardless of the event.