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Audi maintenance, when car owners purchase their Audi and begin to think about how costly this luxurious car is to keep and repair. Audi is a costly European brand that is a luxury as such, they’re more expensive to repair and maintain. According to Repair Pal their data, the typical annual Audi repair costs are $987, which is a lot less than the repair costs of $652 on an ordinary car. Even though Audi’s repairs are more costly to fix, with the right maintenance, you’ll be able to get rid of most common repair expenses that could be incurred.

This article will take a look at the most commonly-used maintenance and repair expenses that come with having an Audi and help you determine how much you can budget for before the unexpected occurs, Audi maintenance.

When do you have to maintain an Audi?

Audi suggests to ensure that Audi vehicles get minor maintenance services every 10,000 miles and a standard maintenance once every 22,000 miles. According to RepairPal their estimates, the average Audi maintenance expense for 10,000 mile service ranges from $200 to $300 (oil change, filters inspections.). The price for a 20,000-mile maintenance service is slightly more costly between $700 and $800 (i.e. transmission maintenance).

Common Audi Maintenance:

The cost of the general maintenance items for your Audi will depend on your particular model There are some important items that you should be able to budget each the year, to help keep you Audi running in top condition.


Brakes are a part of the typical wear and tear on your vehicle. Therefore, we suggest that you check your brakes at minimum every year if you reside in a rural area or at least twice per year for those who live in a city area. Brake pads should typically be changed every 35,000 – 60,000 miles. If you notice that your brakes are taking more time to come off, inspect them immediately.

Price: Audi brake pads can cost between $150 and 450 dollars per axle based on the kind of brake pad you require. In certain instances brake pads could be more expensive if the manufacturer demands a specific kind of brake pad, which is not normally available.

Oil Changes:

Every car requires oil to run efficiently. The majority of new Audi automobiles utilize synthetic oil that lasts about 10,000 miles before oil changes. If you live in an area where you’re constantly moving between stops and starts like a city there is a possibility that you will need be changing your oil each five miles.

The cost: Audi oil changes generally cost between $140 to $170 for an oil change. In comparison, auto owners who buy from mass-market stores spend between $35 to $75 for oil changes.


If your tires have damaged, they affect the performance of your car and could be extremely hazardous. With time, your tires may lose pressure and their tread will become worn down. In the event of this the tires won’t perform as they should, which makes them dangerous on the road. For instance, if your tires are worn down or have any tread on them, they may not perform as well when they are wet.

Cost: You could expect to pay $180-$330 each tire at an Audi dealer ($720 or $1,320 when all tires are used). If you take into account the installation cost new tires from the factory are priced between $775 to $1450 per tire ($3,100 to $5,280 for all four tires). The average cost for a complete tire set for different cars is $125-$150 for each tire ($500 to $600 for all four tires, based on the model and make of your vehicle).

Air Filters:

The air filter in your vehicle helps stop dirt and other debris from getting into your engine. This is why you need to replace your air filter on a regular basis because it gets filthy and blocked. The majority of vehicles require that their air filters be replaced every 6 to 10,000 miles. Additionally, they are replaced at regular oil replacement.

The cost: Audi air filters cost between $90 and $130 for replacement. Comparatively, mass-market automobile owners will be charged between $15 and $30 to replace their air filters, Audi maintenance.


Like any auto battery we suggest checking your battery at least every three miles. With time, your batteries is going to wear out and will require replacement. The majority of car batteries need replace every three years. If your lights start increasing in brightness when you accelerate this could be a sign that you’re required to replace the battery.

The cost: Audi battery replacement costs about $300. In comparison other battery replacements cost between $45 and $250, based on the model and make of your car.