Beginners Guide to Buying Makeup Products online| Makeup Kit for Beginners

Makeup Kit for Beginners

As a beginner and being a novice, you are more likely to get confused by seeing loads of products on the shelf of any makeup store or in any online store. The whole buying process of makeup products can seem overwhelming in the first place and might affect your decision-making. 8 Makeup Essentials every Beginner should have in their Makeup kit

Makeup Essentials every Beginner should have in their Makeup Products kit

Also, with technology, the whole buying process is getting easier day by day and is being proven more fruitful since the pandemic has hit the nation. Nowadays, you can have any makeup product at your fingertips without bothering yourself to go up to the physical makeup store.

Makeup Kit for Beginners

If you are new to the makeup world, you can get yourself educated by consuming all the free content provided on the internet and youtube. In this blog, let’s get to know more about what you need to include in your makeup essentials for beginners.

Makeup essentials for beginners:

Instead of getting your mind more baffled, you should try and lookup for filling your bucket list of makeup products from square one:


As to construct a building you need to have a strong foundation, just like that you need a primer as a foundation for your makeup to hold in its place. Primer acts as a sole key in binding and keeping the makeup products in place even after 2-3 hours of makeup application.

That’s the power of primer you can experience and it plays in sticking your makeup together and avoiding them to fall apart in the first place. Primer results in increasing the longevity of your makeup and holds all your makeup in place.


To build a canvas of beautiful pictures you might need a plain and clean surface, just like that to get an outstanding look, you need an even-textured skin and plain base for your makeup products to settle down easily.

Right after, you have hit your skin with the basic skincare routine products and primer your immediate step must be to slather some of the foundations on your face.

Applying foundation with the help of a blender could provide you the best makeup look you always wished for and avoids all the cakey look you can end up in most of the cases people get ending up in. A beauty blender allows your skin to absorb just the right amount of products your skin needs to get absorbed and keeps away the excess amount of makeup away from your skin.


You might look astoundingly beautiful from head to toe and couldn’t resist yourself after seeing in the mirror, but everything could go in vain if you don’t apply lipstick in the first place. Applying lipstick can also save you from getting into a lot of trouble and blunder at all times. Go for a lipstick shade that is a little darker than your natural lip undertone.


Eyeliner could be your lifesaver if you don’t have much idea about eye makeup and how it works in the first place and how it is needed to be done. The application of eyeliner over your eyes will instantly bring out more volume to your eyes and make your eyes look instantly desirable.


Concealer and the above makeup stuff can act as a deadly combination for achieving the ideal look as it helps in concealing all the flaws and imperfections of your face and body.

Concealer, in its name itself, shows that it conceals and hides something. It helps in correcting your makeup look by fixing any dark circles, blemishes, pimples, discoloration, and many more. Concealers are known to come in many forms such as pancake, liquid, and as well as stick form.

While buying concealer, always choose the shade based on your skin color. Make sure to select the 2-3 lighter shades of concealer than your skin’s color.

Compact Powder

As the foundation works in the back-end work, compact powder is involved in more of a front-end operation. Like it is best to use compact powder to give some final touch to your makeup and want to settle your whole makeup on your face. Also, it helps in increasing the longevity of your makeup and helps your make stay put for a longer duration of time.

Eyebrow pencil

To all the ladies out there, my extra tip is to never neglect the power of definitive and well-shaped eyebrows, as it might bring out the lot and whole personality of yours and be a bonus point for enhancing your beauty.

While choosing the color of your eyebrow pencil, one must go ahead and look up the natural color of their eyebrows. For instance, if the color of your eyebrows is slightly towards brown, then you must go for brown colored pencil or gel or powder.


To enhance the beauty of your makeup look, one can always opt for giving a try of applying mascara, as they result in giving a more modified look to your eyes. Applying mascara to your eyelashes not only lengthens and thickens your existing eyelashes but also adds more volume to your eyelashes and beautifies them.

How to select your ideal makeup products?

As you might be buying online, you are more likely to select those makeup products which might not be right for you, but worry not I have covered your back!

You can go ahead and look out for all the people on social media platforms who are giving out some honest reviews about a makeup product and see how it might bring value to you.

Along with having an awesome beauty or makeup product, which boasts all the necessary features required for gaining the ideal look you want, you also need to pay attention to how to select your ideal makeup product which might fit your skin type, color, and texture of your skin.


Summing up everything, the list mentioned above could be the best makeup products for beginners as the list is built up from the basics and tried to keep it as simple as possible. There could be thousands of beauty and makeup brands out there but it is essential to choose your ideal makeup for beginners kit.