Evaluating the advantages of Bike and Scooter Rental Market

Global Bike and Scooter Rental Market


Contemporary tourism is linked to development and includes an increasing variety of new locations. These evolving factors have made tourism a crucial engine of economic development, which is expected to support the expansion of the market for renting bikes and scooters in the years to come.

Due to the rise in consumer disposable income and economic liberalisation, tourism expenditure has also increased significantly. In addition, the market is anticipated to develop as a result of an increase in the use of electrically powered cars brought on by growing government measures to reduce carbon emissions. The usage of electric cars helps to improve the overall quality of the air.


Even while ride-sharing services like Grab, Uber, and Gojek are already a common element of daily life, many nations in the Asia Pacific area are still suspicious about micro-mobilities like sharing of bikes and scooters. There is a need for in-depth research of these new transportation alternatives to assist guide policy and regulation, despite the convenience afforded by them is excellent, especially in this Covid-19 age where people may still be cautious of cramming in buses and metro trains.

The ideal way to go about a city is now on a scooter. In addition to being light and making driving simpler, they are also incredibly practical and flexible. They also consume very little fuel. They are the ideal mobility option for cities because of these benefits.

Advantages of scooter and bike sharing

  • Scooters are easy to park

You may get desperate if you try to park your car in the city’s core at particular times and locations. However, it is far less stressful when using a scooter. They practically fit everywhere and are easy to park because of their modest size. save a journey to the precise location you intended to arrive by allowing the stations that are close to your destination. There are several bike parking places in certain cities. Here, we display the city’s designated motorbike parking. The parking will, incidentally, typically be free.

  • Scooters pollute little.

The scooter helps to lower pollution levels in cities as we become more conscious of the value of protecting and caring for the environment. Smaller engines produce less CO2 than larger engines seen in vehicles and bikes. becoming more considerate of the city’s air.

  • Its consumption is reduced.

These motorcycles use less fuel than others. Its advantages make it more than possible to move around the city while using less energy. Less hazardous gases are released and less gasoline is consumed thanks to the 125 cc engine. The savings from everything mentioned above will be appreciated by the wallet.

  • Scooters are more manageable.

People of all ages even the most inexperienced may use them since they are lightweight and have a lower seat height. Because they do not travel at very high speeds, these motorcycles are easy to drive and often do not need difficult manoeuvres.

  • They are designed to flow smoothly in urban traffic.

Due to their tiny size and increased mobility, scooters are typically automated, eliminating the need for a clutch or gear change. Due to its ability to avoid traffic congestion and promote better circulation, scooters are the perfect way to cope with city traffic.

Bike and Scooter Rental Market Growth and Analysis 

  • A scooter and bike sharing market or hired for a certain amount of time under the heading “Bike and Scooter Rental.” A mobility vehicle can be rented by the hour, with payment due shortly before usage, or on a subscription basis. Users can find the closest parking lot where they can pick up a car and drop it off before returning it to that same lot. The user can access these rental services through the mobile application.
  • According to Data Bridge Industry Research, the bike and scooter rental market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.0% from 2022 to 2029 and is projected to reach USD 11.55 billion by that year.
  • Due to people’s rising acceptance of micro-mobility services as a practical and affordable mode of transportation, the bike and scooter rental sector is booming. The requirement for the creation of environmentally friendly means of transportation is another important factor fueling the market’s expansion. 
  • A further factor influencing the market’s development prospects is the government’s emphasis on easing traffic congestion. The market will grow more quickly as a result of several technology developments and the general trend toward automation.

COVID-19 Impact:

Worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on a number of businesses. To slow the pandemic’s rapid spread, governments all around the world enacted stringent lockdown procedures and social segregation standards. During the early phases of the epidemic, factories all across the world were shut down.

The backbone of technology providers, small and medium-sized businesses, have seen a sharp decline in income since the pandemic’s debut in 2020. As a result of the supply chain interruptions, market participants faced several difficulties. However, when additional supplies come online in the second half of 2022, things will get better.

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