Exploring the Montessori Approach in Singaporean Preschools

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The last few decades have seen the educational revolution globally, with several teaching and learning techniques being improvised for the betterment of students. Montessori is one such child-centred teaching method that emphasises the well-being of every child during their initial schooling years. Children are believed to be better at learning when they can choose and learn freely. Unlike the traditional methods of teaching and school environment, Montessori Method marks the genesis of the educational era. It allows a child to experience the freedom required to perform better in every field in the future years. 

In Singapore, a preschool identifies a child’s problems, empathises with the child, and works on the areas where the child needs development. Therefore, parents look for schools that can help their children become better and responsible people worldwide. 

Montessori in Singaporean Schools

Montessori education is one of the most sought-after forms that enhances every possible aspect and area of a child’s overall development. The methods are child-oriented and effectively measure the child’s needs and act accordingly for the betterment of every child. The learning process is more accessible, and the child feels at ease while exploring various concepts through fun and games. 

Besides being an effective method, Montessori forms an integral part of the educational system in most schools in Singapore. Here are some benefits that help us understand why the Montessori approach benefits a child’s development.

  • Experimental Learning: Montessori education emphasises self-directed and practical learning activities. It enables a child to become responsible while making decisions and cultivating discipline. Children can choose their own space to work on their activities and keep exploring and enhancing various skills. Experimental learning allows children to follow their interests and perform better.
  • Concrete materials: While learning the Montessori way, we know the materials are designed to engage children creatively. Complex concepts are taught with concrete learning materials so children understand better without confusion. It enables the child to research and find solutions to challenges while learning with experiments.
  • Observational learning: Children are curious. Therefore they want to explore everything they see in the surrounding. The real-life experiences teach them much more than what can be taught within the four walls of a classroom. Therefore, a Singapore preschool adapts the Montessori style while dealing with a child’s education. Collaborative learning is the epicentre that helps a child observe and learn from others. 
  • Socialised learning: The child gets to interact with their peers, which helps them to enhance their social skills. They learn to accept suggestions, appreciate others, and share ideas with other students. Socialised learning fosters social and emotional development and thus helps them to build better relationships in the community.
  • Learning through inclusivity: Inclusivity is one of the crucial aspects of Montessori that allows children to respect each other. It creates an environment where everyone is valued and encouraged to participate in various activities actively, improving the overall development of every child. 
  • Individualised instruction: The last few decades have seen a significant rise in the number of school admission in Singapore. The primary reason is that the school emphasises the growth of every child individually. Depending on their educational and personal needs, personalised attention is given to each child. It means that tailored lesson plans are made by teachers instructing their students.  

Montessori education creates a diverse learning atmosphere for the betterment of every student. The form of teaching ensures that the uniqueness of every student is safeguarded while improvising their personal and social skills. Look for a school that creates a supportive, encouraging, and valued atmosphere for your child where they learn to grow.