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Hair Bundle Packaging Wholesale

Women want long hair, and long inches contribute to a woman’s attractiveness. They desire to use extensions to retain their beauty and improve their hair features. As a result, hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among clients globally. If you are a maker of hair extensions or sell them, you must ensure they are put in sturdy packaging.

We provide you with hair extensions boxes that are more beautiful and durable. The hair box packaging is made of solid materials that can resist weather conditions while protecting the hair extensions stored within. It is the most enticing benefit of bespoke custom hair bundle packaging near me, which provide excellent power and toughness. It may offer complete support and care to the hair extensions packing box.

Our professionals employ high-quality materials to create unique hair packaging boxes; we cannot overlook their value.

Different Styles of Hair Boxes

We have a variety of opening styles from which you may choose. Get our hair extensions packing box to make your hair extensions items stand out. The following types are available to you:

Box Sleeve Style

Sleeve bespoke hair packaging is highly valued in the industry because it provides twofold protection for sensitive hair products compared to other standard packaging designs. However, the most original and creative box form is the sleeve box. As a result, these boxes aid in making the hair product appear eye-catching and highly presentable. You may also update and improve your design by including a window option. Furthermore, we employ a variety of geometrical forms to give a peek into hair products.

Mailer Box Style

Mailer bespoke hair boxes provide excellent value for money for your hair extensions goods. Furthermore, things may be in uniform sequence with perforation added in this box. We provide customized mailer boxes with fence inserts and window choices for various hair packing ranges to make them more attractive. As a result, the mailer box will improve the quality of your items.

As a result, this type of box is an eye-catching approach to presenting a hair extensions line.

Tuck Top Roll End Box Style

The hair will be safe in customized tuck-top hair weave packing boxes. Additionally, you may add die-cutting, perforation, window cutouts, and matte or gloss lamination to make the box more appealing.

Two-Piece Box Style

Another sort of box is two-piece hair bundle packaging, in which the base and lid do not come into touch with each other. As a result, this configuration leaves a centerpiece known as the shoulder. Furthermore, because this type of box for the hair extensions range will seem sumptuous, you may modify the box’s colors with contrast to the shoulder, lid, and base to make the box more eye-catching. Shoulder boxes are the most robust packaging for keeping hair extensions goods safe.

Free Design Assistants

You can quickly improve brand identification and awareness by placing your company name and logo on the top of this hair packaging box. Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular in this age of style consciousness when everyone wants to appear their best. However, our personalized hair extensions will assist you in making your brand more desirable in the fashion sector. To properly represent your brand, you must supply your consumers with the most fabulous bespoke packaging.

Beautiful and eye-catching wholesale hair extensions boxes will help you attract more prospective consumers for your hair extensions. We are here to supply you with beautifully designed bespoke hair extensions boxes that will be more effective in promoting your business. Moreover, we engaged a team of specialists that can flawlessly modify designs in various sizes, shapes, and colors to create bespoke packaging for hair extensions. To make your goods more ecologically friendly, we produce these hair extensions and hairspray packaging from 100% recyclable materials.

Ensures Maximum Protection

Custom hair extensions boxes are available for your gorgeous hair goods. Then take advantage of our appealing packaging. However, inspirational hair packaging is required. As a result, we have a fantastic design for your package. On the other hand, our packaging always helps communicate the message and thoughts to your customers. Our personalized hair packaging boxes are pretty popular in the market.

However, our hair extensions package is simple to use. We provide excellent ecological materials such as:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Paperboard
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

Our cosmetic boxes are incredibly long-lasting. Furthermore, we make unique hair extensions packaging more user-friendly. It aids in keeping your internal product safe and prepared for distribution to your customers.

Order Right Now

Contact us at any moment; working with us is pretty straightforward. Contact us to get your favorite bespoke hair boxes at wholesale prices with free delivery to your home. ICustomBoxes provides excellent wholesale pricing and free shipping on bespoke hair extensions boxes. The boxes may be in custom color, style, and design.

Moreover, our hair packaging boxes are composed of high-quality materials that provide optimal security. We provide high-quality hair extensions boxes with free design assistance and a small minimum purchase quantity.