How can landlords automate the process of Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate in 2023?

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Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, No matter if you’re a landlord with a long history or leasing an apartment for the first time, staying on top of the safety standards of the law could be a huge hassle. In the beginning, you must locate a reliable service engineer that you can count on to be at the right time and complete the job properly so that you’ll be able to comply with your gas, electrical as well as energy-related inspection dates, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

We can’t forget the time-consuming task of dealing with tenants, service providers as well as legal authorities to sort out your certificates as well as maintaining a record of renewal deadlines. You can! 

Gas Safety Certificate:

Incorrect gas safety checks could cause the possibility of a gas leak or an explosion. Therefore, under the law, you are required to get an Gas Safety Certificate for every gas appliance that is in your home every 12 months from the date of the last time you had an inspection. If you don’t do it, you may be subject to a huge penalty and put your tenants’ lives at risk.

The certificate:

During the inspection the gas engineer will check the gas pressure in your appliances and examine for leaks in gas as well as any indications of wear, to make sure it’s safe to your tenants. They’ll also provide information on the appliance (location the brand, location, etc. ) as well as any problems that the appliance is experiencing, as well as suggestions for how to correct the issues.

If you manage several properties, the process of chasing engineers to get certificates, scheduling inspection times with tenants and organising expiry dates is a huge hassle. With Symple it is possible to automate your entire procedure. All you need to do is sign-up with us, then add your properties and the dates of your last inspection You’ll receive the certificate in your email mailbox within 24 hours after completing a task, and then make sure to update it once you get a reminder and we’ll handle the rest!

Electrical Installation Condition Report:

In June of 2020, law stipulated that all landlords must get the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) every five years. Landlords who fail to comply with the rules of the government could face the possibility of a huge fine of up to PS30,000! It’s a good thing, because the wrong wiring or equipment can result in fatal electrical fires, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

The certificate:

The electrical engineer you hire will test all electrical systems that are fixed to the rental property such as wiring lights, electrical appliances, as well as other electrical appliances. They’ll examine the overall condition and look for signs of damage the wear of use, excessive heat or parts that are missing. In their report, they’ll state whether your electrics fixed are safe or require repair to bring them back to standards.

The solution:

Spreadsheets, printing outs, email reminders, and searching for electrical engineers in demand are unorganized slow, inefficient and costly. With Symple, obtaining EICRs is simple. We manage everything from tenant communication to the scheduling of an electrical engineer to the inspection, to reminding you that your certificates are due to renewal, protecting your tenants from risks and you from penalties.

Energy Performance Certificate:

If you allow your property to be let without an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) then the government could hit you with an amount of PS5,000 in fines. From 2025, you may be hit with a massive fine of around PS30, 000 for failing to meet your EPC obligations. You must ensure your home is in compliance with the minimum E Energy Efficiency Rating prior to ever opening it up!

The EPC assessor will review the efficiency of your property’s energy use and provide you with a score between the A (very effective) from A (very efficient) to (inefficient). They will look at everything from insulation to window glazing to lighting and heating systems. They will determine your score and energy cost estimates and suggestions for improving energy efficiency.

Automating and digitizing the Energy Performance Certificates using Simple to save yourself from costly fines and on energy bills by taking the advice of our assessor to heart. From registering your properties, to renewal of your certificate, you will be able to remain compliant and fulfill your landlord obligations without typical problems.

Are you ready to automatize the property certificate of your home?

All your property certificates from one location With Simple. Simple is a user-friendly platform that allows you to take a time to relax with property certificates. It’s as simple as pressing the button to handle renewals and manage tenant communications and locate trustworthy engineers.

With Simple you won’t have to be tasked with scheduling appointments, not remembering to renew, loosing previous certificates or having to pay massive penalties. All you have to do is input your information about your home as well as the date on which you received your previous gas performance, energy efficiency or electric safety certification, then click renewal, then we’ll handle everything else – it’s Simple!