Shisha Online Dubai Experience At A Lounge Or Bar

Shisha Lounge

The first time people walk into a Shisha lounge, they are in the mood to try something different and perhaps even pick up a new pastime in the form of Shisha online in Dubai.

Many people get their first experience with Shisha smoking at the house of a friend or family member who already has their Shisha or has hired a Shisha catering service.

Whether you try Shisha for the first time in a Shisha lounge or at home, you’ll likely try it again in the future. This will allow you to get a feel of what it’s like to smoke Shisha in a public setting while exposing you to the social element of the activity.

Going to a Shisha lounge for the first time can be intimidating for first-timers, especially if they have no idea what to expect when they arrive. The good news is that you shouldn’t be concerned about anything. Shisha lounges are very chill and fun locations, perfect for making new friends, learning more about Shisha, and hosting parties. No wonder most major cities around the world are teeming with shisha lounges these days!

What’s more, you can hire a Shisha catering Dubai like Shisha Art for exclusive premium Shishas, exotic flavors, skilled sommeliers, and entertaining event activities for your birthday or anniversary party.

Keep reading to discover some key reasons to plan a successful Shisha party at a lounge or a bar!


Celebrating a friend’s birthday with a night out with Shisha catering services specializing in Shisha will surely turn out to be a rewarding experience. What’s even better, it also won’t put a significant dent in your financial account.

Take the birthday boy/girl by surprise with a seasoned Shisha flavor of your choice. In all likelihood, they would have never taken part in anything like this. This will go down as a precious memory that they will cherish for years to come. 

You can check with a professional Shisha sommelier to select your preferred flavor before you place an order, along with some food and drink.

Bachelor’s Party

If you’re in charge of throwing your best friend’s bachelor’s/bachelorette Party,  wouldn’t you want it to be an unforgettable event for him/her? To that end, you might be looking for creative ways to make the celebration memorable. Unfortunately, many feel compelled to go to a bar or club for a bachelor party because alcohol is almost always a must-have for any kind of celebration.

Why not switch things up from the usual routine this year and take everyone to a Shisha bar instead? Take our word for it; everyone will have a fantastic time. Compared to noisy bars and parties, a shisha lounge provides a classy alternative for socializing. As a result, your guests are free to relax in the company of one another and have meaningful exchanges.

Date Night

Truthfully, there is no greater way to spend a date night than sharing a Shisha with your significant other.

You are welcome to get dressed up for your date and wine and dine while enjoying delectable cuisine, cocktails, and Shisha in various flavors. A shisha lounge is ideal for such a cherishable evening, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere.

A Shisha lounge is always the ideal destination to organize your gatherings, regardless of the occasion you celebrate.

Make sure to include a Shisha catering Dubai in your list of preferences the next time you are looking for something different, exciting, and enjoyable to do with your evening.

Common Shisha Étiquettes

Since Shisha smoking is a centuries-old custom, you should be familiar with shisha etiquette before entering a Shisha lounge. This is all the more important if you are visiting a traditional Shisha lounge. This will ensure that you do not disrespect anyone in the lounge or do something inappropriate.

First, you must show consideration and courtesy to your server and everyone employed at the establishment. Kindness is a trait that will serve you well in any environment you find yourself in. Therefore, it’s important to remember this whenever you interact with others.

Next, to show proper courtesy to your fellow smokers, you must always inhale with a Shisha tip. A Shisha tip is a small piece of plastic attached to your hose’s end.

This prevents your mouth from contacting the section of the Shisha hose that other users share.

If smoking in a Shisha lounge, you should always use a tip for the most sanitary and considerate smoking experience. In addition, a tip helps avoid transmitting germs. You should also rotate who uses the water hose around the table. Again, giving each person approximately two to three minutes is good when their chance comes.

If you are smoking at a Shisha lounge that is more traditional, then there are some additional customs that you should observe.

You need to ensure that the Shisha is kept on the floor and should not be positioned at a comfortable height.

When it comes to giving the Shisha hose to someone else, ensure the tip is facing you. When passing, it’s considered rude to have a point pointing away from you because it shows disrespect.

Last Words

You can bring the ambiance of a Shisha bar into your living room with one of the many modern and stylish Shisha sets available.

Shisha Art, a reputable Shisha catering service, provides expert sommeliers who will make any party, from a birthday to a wedding to a party at home, more fun and unforgettable.

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