Student Laptops: A Touch Screen Can Truly Enhance the Learning  

laptops touch screen

Today textbooks and digital learning go hand in hand (not quite literally) as the focus is slightly shifted more towards online education, which demands newer technologies. Many schools have expanded their student learning initiative to laptops, allowing students to learn lessons, complete homework, and access various student portals through these devices. Some laptop models for students in the market are truly remarkable. And one among them is a laptop with a touch screen.  

These laptops are said to be very convenient for daily use, specifically for note-taking and creating art. Also, in terms of functionality, they can assist students in performing diverse tasks, especially younger ones who may struggle to manage traditional mice and keyboards. But there is more about these laptops that you would want to explore. Let’s get into the details.    

What are Laptops with a Touch Screen? 

A touch screen laptop is like a traditional computer. But the benefits of these devices come from the aspect of flexibility & portability. You can easily convert these devices into tablets and remove the need for peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. When you are in school, Uni or travelling, you can use the tablet feature to ease the usability and get the feeling of a textbook, make notes and whatnot. And, while at home, convert it into a full-blown laptop with all the peripherals attached.  

What Else Do You Get with Touch Screen Laptops? 

Ease of Notetaking & Drawing: 

It is a great feature, especially for undergraduates. While in class, scribbling your notes on laptops using a touch screen is pretty convenient. Plus, you have all the world to enhance your class notes with drawings and charts and highlight the noteworthy points to ease your learning. Moreover, saving your class notes on laptops ensures that they are safe and do not get misplaced when you need them during tests and exams. 

Touch Screen Help in Tactile Learning:  

Laptops built around touch screens are great tools for interactive learning facilitated by tactility. It’s a perfect choice for young learners who can gain the best knowledge with all their senses engaged. Some laptops come with a pen (stylus), namely the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga. The pen allows students to annotate projects, sketch art, and take notes. 

Intuitive Textbook Learning:  

For students, digital textbooks like touch screen laptops are similar to reading a physical book. They allow them to sit on a desk or anywhere & study, swipe to run the pages and use a stylus to make notes. These laptops are great for reading and offer a vast range of multimedia components to enhance digital learning, such as sound and video. Also, you will find a wealth of free and paid learning apps, making it easier for students to learn their curriculum through games and other interactive assignments, all while using the same device.  

Attractive Display:  

Laptops with a touch screen have better colour accuracy, brightness and vividness than those with ones not. It is a huge benefit for students in study fields related to art, design and game development. One of the best models that offer perfect colour balance is Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook.  

Easily Convertible Whiteboard:  

Just like taking notes, the learners can alleviate the role of these laptops by converting them into a whiteboard with just a few clicks. These devices aren’t only useful for drawing and creating artwork but can also be for showcasing your projects through presentation and collaborating with the rest of the class. You may find some apps to help you convert your laptop into a whiteboard.  

No Need to Carry Keyboard & Mouse Everywhere:  

Students, especially young ones, can appreciate that they don’t have to carry multiple devices in their bags. When it comes to mice and keyboards, there aren’t the most convenient devices for travel, commuting or moving from class to class. If you have wired ones, you are bound to get tangled with wires, whereas wireless devices always need changing, which isn’t possible everywhere. Touch screens are a great alternative for avoiding such situations.  

Highest Level of Portability & Flexibility:  

These laptops are relatively lightweight, allowing you to carry them easily around in your backpack or hands. Plus, most of these laptops can fold in different directions, meaning you can turn your touchscreen laptop into a drawing or learning pad within seconds. Students can also place them on a surface at any angle and add convenience.  

Wrapping Up:  

Laptops with touch screens are one such device that can benefit students irrespective of their education level. From young learners to high school and undergraduate and postgraduate students, all can use these laptops to bridge the gap between textbooks and online learning.