The 5 most beautiful funeral flowers and their hidden meanings

The 5 most beautiful funeral flowers and their hidden meanings

When it comes to choosing the right funeral flowers, it’s important to consider not only their aesthetics but also their hidden meanings and symbolism. You want your funeral flowers to be not only beautiful but meaningful and significant as well. Because funerals can be so stressful, selecting the right ones can help you calm down and focus on what matters in this difficult time. Their hidden meanings are to get the best funeral flower delivery.

Here are the five most beautiful funeral flowers


In ancient Greek culture, lilies symbolized strength, eternity, motherhood, purity, power, magnificence, and brilliance. In ancient Egypt lilies symbolized resurrection. Lilies also represent empathy with mourners at burial as they are often placed near caskets or urns during a memorial service. 


Some cultures use daffodils to commemorate the deceased with messages of love, gratitude, and deep sadness. The white trumpet-shaped blooms are mostly known for symbolizing a faithful heart that will never forget what is important. In addition, the custom of giving these types of flowers stems from an old English legend where Alfred the Great is said to have snatched a bright gold crocus from the ground during one of his soldiers’ funeral processions.


Many people know the iris as the flower from which we get Easter Lily, but it’s also the state flower of Louisiana, one of the fifty U.S. states. This symbol was chosen because it was in close proximity to The Battle of New Orleans and America’s victory over Great Britain during the War of 1812. An Iris has many different meanings depending on color. Try sending irises as funeral flowers for cremation.


If you see rhododendrons at a funeral or cemetery visit them because they will probably be around the grave site. They typically grow on graves during springtime when all other leaves have fallen off due to the changing seasons. The flower is also sometimes seen in gardens, parks, and gardens so it’s not just limited to funerals and cemeteries. It’s said that the flowering of these plants signifies hope for new life. The rhododendron plant is also known as wild azalea and the name derives from two Greek words which mean rose (rhodo) and dendron meaning tree (dendra). And no wonder why they are the plants for funerals.

Calla lilies

Perhaps one of the most traditional and popular white blooms, the Calla Lily flower was believed to have originated in Madagascar. The Calla Lily typically grows six to ten inches tall, with 3-6 inch leaves growing off of a bulb. Each stem can produce anywhere from 1-5 flower blooms that grow up to 6 inches wide. These flowers are not only symbolic for funerals but also for weddings, as they signify purity and innocence.

After all, is said and done, the flower delivery services you choose for the send-off have a strong influence on how attendees remember your loved one. Pay attention to the bouquet’s message as well as its appearance.  You don’t want to forget about the vase either! Consider sending some cut flowers or garden plants in lieu of an arrangement. If you’re looking for something really special, try ordering funeral flowers from st Louis which offers something completely unique.