The Best Marketing CRMs Of 2023

It’s no surprise that the best marketing CRMs are used by companies with large budgets for their data analytics needs. These tools were built for business professionals who want to make decisions based on real-time insights from customers’ behavior data. They allow you to monitor what’s working well in terms of customer engagement or sales conversion rates at various stages in the buying cycle—and then adjust those programs accordingly so they continue working as planned without fail!

1) ConvergeHub- Key Features

ConvergeHub offers a wide array of exciting features, including lead prioritization, pipeline management, and powerful segmentation and reporting tools. These tools help businesses and sales teams identify their most promising prospects, understand their leads’ unique needs, and improve their customer retention rates. The software also incorporates exceptional integration with telephony partner RingCentral which streamlines collaboration through phone call or text message.

ConvergeHub has been in the scene since the past decade. According to the Software Reviews 2023, ConvergeHub is the winner of Emotional Footprint Awards. Currently, ConvergeHub has a strong customer base across the USA and Canada. ConvergeHub is known for offering a  fine blend of sales, marketing and support to help businesses achieve a synchronization across departments. She has also added that the brand will keep improving observability technologies for easy-to-use, automated monitoring and problem-solving solutions.

2) Freshworks- Key Features

Freshworks is a market leader in CRM software, and it’s easy to see why. The company has a great tool that’s easy to use, with an intuitive navigation menu system and plenty of features that make it ideal for small businesses looking for something simple.

The customer support team at Freshworks is also one of the best around—they offer live chat 24/7 so you can always get in touch with them if you have any questions or concerns about your account or campaign. And if all else fails? You’ll find all your records right there on their website (which we’ll talk about later).

3) HubSpot – Key Features

HubSpot is a well known  marketing CRM that comes with the largest array of  tools and features to make your marketing efforts streamlined and bring results. It’s one of the best tools for marketers and salespeople, as it covers all aspects of your business.

You can use HubSpot for customer support as well as marketing operations, including email campaigns and social media management. The software also provides detailed analytics on how customers interact with your company’s website or app—so you’ll always know what works best! The best part is marketing CRM features of HubSpot is absolutely free of cost.

4) Marketo – Key Features

Marketo is one of the best marketing CRMs in the market. It’s a full-featured solution that lets you manage your email campaigns, segmentation, scheduling and activities all in one place.

Marketo comes with an intuitive, seamless dashboard that seeks to create user-friendly landing pages with zero hassles. It comes with automated triggers for sending out emails and follow ups. Marketo as a marketing CRM software is well coveted for its top feature of sales pipeline automation. It leverages  lead scoring algorithms and accordingly takes this on sales pipelines. It helps companies track their sales pipeline at any given point of time, without even worrying about any manual intervention of the backend workforce.

5) Salesforce Ariba – Key Features

Salesforce Ariba is known for its robust features. This cloud based product comes with a set of robust features in the marketing and sales platform that helps SMBs manage their entire customer lifecycle. It’s a comprehensive solution that combines marketing, sales, service and support into one tool. The tool helps you track leads, emails and phone calls; create marketing campaigns; send text messages directly to customers; schedule appointments with customers via email or phone call (or both); manage multiple email lists all in one place—all while giving you access to all your company data at any time from anywhere around the world! This is especially helpful if you want to see what’s going on across multiple locations at once without having someone else handle it for you personally.

6) Marketo HubSpot AdvantEdge Engagement Suite – Key Features

This one takes care of all your lead management needs and performs everything in the most hassle-free manner.

  • Marketing automation: This feature allows users to build automated campaigns, define campaign criteria and then measure the results. The software also helps you create landing pages for each email campaign so you can track click-through rates by funnel stage, as well as track whether or not an email has been opened by the recipient within three days after being sent (or longer if needed).
  • Lead management: The system lets organizations create leads from their own data sources such as social media networks, content sites like blogs or articles written by employees themselves—and even other third parties like Google Analytics! With this toolset in place it’s easier than ever before because all those pieces are already connected together meaning they’re already working together rather than having multiple toolsets fighting over who gets access first.

These are our favorite enterprise-class marketing CRMs of 2023

A marketing CRM is a software tool that helps you manage your marketing, sales and business development. With a good CRM you can:

  • Organize emails in one place so that customers can find them easily when they need them most (like when they’re ready to purchase).
  • Connect with existing customers via email or social media. This can also be done automatically based on certain criteria like buying history or location (if you have an online store).
  • Track leads from various channels like webinars, seminars and events—and then follow up with them later on in the lifecycle of their relationship with you (or not).

The Final Takeaway

There are plenty of CRM products in the market and the list created here highlights the key features of the marketing CRM software that are now available in the market and helps SMBs streamline their marketing  operations on a daily basis. But keep in mind that each of the software comes with their unique set of features and most of these products are customizable, which means you can tailor it according to your needs. So, we encourage you to do your research before purchasing anything!