The Red Spot Whiskey Phenomenon

Irish whiskey is a popular drink in Germany, and it’s not just because the Germans love to drink. It turns out that there’s something special about Bushmills Irish Whiskey that makes it particularly appealing to German drinkers. But what?

Where do you get Irish Whiskey?

If you’re interested in learning more about Irish Whiskey, the best place to start is with your local liquor store or supermarket. You can also find it online through retailers like and

If you’re looking for a specific brand of Irish Whiskey, try visiting an Irish pub or restaurant near where you live–they’re often well-stocked with popular brands such as Jameson and Bushmills.

If all else fails: head over to Ireland! The country has been producing some of the finest whiskeys for centuries–and we highly recommend visiting if only for the chance to drink them straight from their birthplace

Why is Irish Whiskey the most popular in Germany?

  • The Irish Whiskey Act of 1980.
  • The Irish Whiskey Act of 1988.
  • The Irish Whiskey Act of 1998, which allowed distilleries to export their products abroad and gave them more freedom to create new blends and styles. It also established that the word “whiskey” could only be used if the drink in question was made in Ireland (you can’t call your vodka “whiskey”).
  • Another important piece of legislation came in 2001: this time it was an amendment to the 1988 act that laid out what would become known as “Single Pot Still Whiskys;” these are whiskeys made from a single type of pot still rather than both pot stills and column stills like you’d find at most major distilleries today–and they’re some of our favorites!

How did this happen?

The popularity of Irish Whiskey in Germany is a result of German immigration to Ireland. The Irish diaspora in Germany is a large and influential group; their numbers are estimated at 3 million people, which makes up about 20% of the population of Ireland.

The influence this community has had on our culture and economy cannot be overstated–they’ve been drinking Irish Whiskey for centuries!

What does it mean for Bushmills and other Irish Whiskey companies?

This is a good thing for Irish Whiskey companies, especially Bushmills.

It means people are buying Irish Whiskey and drinking it in Germany. If you’re an Irish Whiskey company, this is great news because it means there’s a market for your product there!

It’s best to buy your whiskey from retailers that specialize in import products

The best way to ensure you’re getting the whiskey you want, and that it arrives safely and on time, is to buy it from retailers who specialize in import products. These specialists have experience with all of the regulations and paperwork needed for importing whiskey into your country. They also know how to ship it so that it will arrive undamaged (and untaxed), which means less hassle for you when you go through customs at home or any unexpected delays along the way.


Buy Irish Whiskey in the UK is a great drink, and we’re happy to see it gaining popularity around the world. But if you want to try some of the best Irish whiskey available, make sure you buy it from a specialty retailer who knows what they are doing.