They are also more open to learning new business

The report stated that Saudi women entrepreneurs are more likely to start their own business than Saudi men in terms of entrepreneurial activities, and are more likely to be self-employed. The reasons why women are more prone to become entrepreneurs include the high level of female participation in the workforce which gives women the opportunity to create jobs and opportunities, especially in the public sector and private business.

Saudi women entrepreneurs are also more willing to learn new things and skills due to their extensive education, in comparison to men entrepreneurs. They are also more open to learning new business ideas because they Business Setup in Saudi are willing to invest in new technology and innovation.

Women have access to education, including high levels of secondary education, but not the same access to higher education. However, there is a lack of information regarding the number of Saudi women with tertiary degrees or higher educational attainment. Despite these issues, there has been a significant increase in the number of women starting their own business since 2005, with Saudi women making up 15% of all active micro entrepreneurs, according to the GEM report.

Saudi women are also more likely to work for themselves, whether it be self-employment or employment in a different field.