Top 4 Private Equity Consulting Companies

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Many non-listed corporate entities are open to investments through their private equity. A private equity firm will provide financial backing in exchange for some equity in the business. Private equity firms do not invest in any company they come across. Instead, they have a proper research process to determine the right investment opportunities. Equity research and analysis are complicated and might require an expert. For the same rationale, private equity firms search for equity consulting firms. A private equity consulting service provider will help firms find the right investment opportunities. Also, the research burden of a private equity firm will decrease after partnering up with a third party. Read on to learn about the best consulting firms for private equity in the contemporary.

Top private equity consulting companies 

Private equity firms often go through the hassle of choosing the right consulting partner. Here are the top consulting partners for private equity firms: 

 1. Acuity Knowledge Partners 

Acuity Knowledge Partners is an experienced consulting firm that helps private equity firms with highly volatile workflows. It acts as an extended arm for a private equity firm and performs several tasks for them. They have a dedicated team of research analysts to help private equity firms with rich market insights. Also, they use high-end software solutions to analyze market data and extract investment insights. Often, private equity firms are helpless due to a spike in investment activity. They might need to manage the pressure of increasing investment activity. Acuity Knowledge Partners provide them end-to-end support, irrespective of spikes in investment activities. 

Most research firms help with only one or two research tasks. A private equity firm can sit back and enjoy the diverse research services Acuity Knowledge Partners offers. Even a private equity firm with fewer analysts can indulge in high-end research with external support. This way, a private equity firm can decrease the overhead costs by outsourcing equity research requirements. 

Some research support services offered by Acuity Knowledge Partners are as follows: 

    • Opportunity screening 

    • Portfolio monitoring 

    • Due diligence 

    • Periodic reporting 

    • Business development 

    2. Bain & Company 

Bain & Company is another reliable private equity consulting firm. It is a global consultancy firm with offices in more than 35 countries. It has a vast network of more than 2,000 private equity consultants in different countries. It continuously thrives on investing more in expertise, insights, and innovation. For the same rationale, Bain & Company has already helped many private equity firms achieve their objectives. Around one-third of their business constitutes private equity clients. Some research support services offered by Bain & Company to private equity firms are as follows: 

    • Deal sourcing 

    • Due diligence 

    • Post-acquisition value creation 

    • Institutional investor strategy 

    3. L.E.K Consulting 

L.E.K Consulting is a global firm that helps private equity firms meet their goals. It offers end-to-end support across the entire transaction cycle. And they extend their support for more than 4,000 private equity projects globally each year. They successfully help firms decrease the turnaround time with high-end analytics. It works with a wide range of PE firms and has extensive knowledge of global markets. With innovation and technology, L.E.K Consulting will help private equity firms find better investment opportunities. 

    4. Accenture 

Accenture is a well-known private equity consulting firm. It helps private equity firms drive performance and boost growth. They help private equity firms detect investment risks proactively and manage them. A PE firm will receive support across the investment lifecycle from Accenture. It uses several technological solutions to generate rich private equity insights. It has a dedicated team of expert analysts and leaders to help PE firms achieve their goals. ESG support, portfolio monitoring and enterprise value are a few services offered by Accenture to private equity firms. 

Why do PE firms require a consulting partner?

As the investment activity spikes, a private equity firm can no longer rely on internal employees. And they cannot keep hiring experts to manage the increasing workload. This is the reason they consult firms to manage the increasing workload. A consulting firm will provide support throughout the investment lifecycle, from deal sourcing to closing. A PE firm will successfully decrease the overhead cost and burden with a consulting partner. Consulting partners provide PE firms with rich data analytics to navigate market challenges. Choose a reliable consulting partner to drive value for private equity operations!