When you go into Windows settings,

This can happen to anyone, and you should always try to be prepared for it. If you don’t have any backup, then you might lose important documents and photos that you’ve been working on. The sooner you back up your computer the better. If you have a fast Internet connection and enough space on your computer, you can do this manually. When you go into Windows settings, you can create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for your backups. Make sure that you have a system restore disk.

You should also back up files and folders on removable devices like flash drives and portable hard disks. You should also try to keep copies of your data on backup different devices that are stored in different locations. It is better to have copies of your important files scattered all over than to have them all in one place. You should also back up your entire hard disk in case something happens to your primary hard drive.

If you want to restore data that has been lost, you can use the built-in restore feature. Use File History to restore your files from a previous date or even from a remote server. All of your important files and folders are included with this feature. You can use this to restore your most recently changed files and folders.