Very often it is said that College in Canada is a fun time for all students, but in reality, undergraduates are stressed out and they go through a very difficult time. With the endless freedom that comes with being in college, where students are free to do whatever they please and there is no one to monitor and keep an eye on them, all of this comes at a price. This is because college life is not just fun but also involves innumerable academic writing jobs, submitting papers that involves a considerable amount of research and studying.


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Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory

  • Take regular breaks: It is very important that you should take breaks and refresh yourself between your studies. This is because taking breaks helps freshen your mind, distracts from the regular books and subject topics and also energizes it for further studies. It is critical to draw up a schedule of your work as it will help you know when you really need to take those breaks. This will definitely improve your grades and evaluations.
  • Record lectures: Recording the lectures has always proved to be very useful. You are already walking everywhere with a smartphone, so you might as well use it for your better scores. Recorded lectures can be listened anywhere and everywhere, and this will help you remember and understand the concepts and the subject better. 
  • Plan your studies: It is very important to plan and strategize everything when sitting down to study. Things done haphazardly or randomly will not produce effective results. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you plan what to case study and when. You should decide which subject and topic needs more time or greater importance than others. You can also chalk up a schedule as per the weightage of grades. Those subjects which carry greater credits and high marks weightage, should be given more importance. 
  • Doing meditation: Meditation and fresh air is an age-old practice of improving the concentration levels. It also helps relieve mental pressure, stress, anxiety and panic attacks which very often build up in students as exam dates loom closer. 
  • Take help from Internet: Internet is a hub of information and data. If ever you get stuck in any topic or need some further clarification and clearing of doubts, your immediate and best solution is to look it up in the Internet. 95% of the time, Internet has always helped students resolve their doubts and also provide deeper insights in their subjects and domains. 
  • Get rid of all distractions: Before sitting down to study, you need to tighten your resolve and get rid of all sorts of distractions such as games, using social media apps, television and anything which reduces your focus level. Your ambience needs to be free of all those things which can deviate your attention level.