Flowers To Impress Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

Flowers To Impress Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

Nothing can be sweeter than the fragrance of the flowers on valentines day. Flowers have the power to capture the heart of a person by their charm and heavenly scents. 

When talking about the flowers for the 14th of February, they need to be the best of their league. We need flowers that mirror our pure intentions and lovely emotions to your beloved.

To make it a cakewalk for you, we will present you with the best flowers in every form and hold admiration globally.

The Best Flowers to Impress Your Girlfriend OnValentine’s Day

#1 White  Lilies

The general meaning for lilies is devotion and purity, but white lilies signify purity and virtue. In addition, white lilies have an aesthetic look, making them apt for gifting your women.

Lilies have an extremely sweet fragrance making them useful in perfume making and even medicinal uses. Lilies can even be found in red, pink, yellow, and orange colors.

#2 Purple Orchids

Purple orchids serve as a symbol of dignity, respect, and admiration. They are even seen as a sign of royalty because, in the Victorian era, orchids were found only o the tropics and so were rare to find, making them a luxury. 

They are highly used in preparing baking items and cosmetics due to the vanilla extract present in them. Orchid flowers also come in yellow, white, orange, and pink colors.

#3 Pastel carnation 

According to the Greeks, carnations come from the word coronation, who used them in ceremonial crowns. They are also known as Pinks because of the presence of pink spikes.

Combining white and pink carnations gives it a pastel look making it very attractive and sweet in smell. White carnation stands for luck and purity while pink for gratitude, making it a perfect gift for gifting on your special day.

#4 Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, known as the Peruvian lily, symbolizes strength, love, and friendship. Originally found in Peru, this flower has found its way worldwide. They are a perfect flower to gift someone to portray your feelings of devotion and a lovely connection.

Alstroemerias can be found in several colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple. The roots of this flower can be used as a source of starch and have high nutritional components.

#5 Cyclamen

These flowers signify sincere affection and true deep love. With over 20 species, they come in various shades of pink, white, lavender, and red with a dark hue in the center.

The name is derived from the Greek word ‘kyklos,’ meaning circle/circular because of its round shape of flowers. They are used as incense sticks, various medicinal uses, and even for various culinary preparations. 


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Thus, with this article, your valentines day flower hunting comes to an end. By presenting these sweet blossoms, you will make them a memorable one for your beloved one.