Right Flowers for different occasions

Right Flowers for different occasions

There is a countless variety of flowers on earth. Some grow in winter, some pop up in summer, and some prosper in their best time of the year, spring and autumn. Some grow in the wild, and some are cultivated. There is no single season where you won’t find flowers around. If you decide to look for them all, you will run short of your life. Flowers always have a unique attraction attached to them. Their color and scent make them irresistible to touch, hold, and even pluck if no one sees you.

The different colors in flowers have always signified some or the other human feeling or emotions. Our relationship with flowers has grown strong because they have always been around us in some form or the other. Whether happy or sad, flowers have been there to celebrate with us or comfort us in our low times. So, today we have come up with.

A list that will help you understand which flowers accompany each occasion.    

Flowers for birthday-

Birthdays are the most awaited time of the year. Whether it’s a child or an adult, birthdays are celebrated with full gesture and warmth. If we plan to host a party during birthdays, then flower decoration is one of the essential parts of this celebration. The decoration and the wall behind the cake cutting table must be well decked and in sync with the theme. Also, giving flowers as a birthday gift or along with the gift plus sending flowers if you could not personally attend the function is something special. All you need to do is select the right flower of the correct color from the Pembroke florist if you live nearby. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

Pink Carnations-

Are a symbol of gratitude. You can decorate these flowers for your party to exchange thankfulness.

Forget me not-

These flowers represent true love and respect. So you can present these flowers to someone who means a lot to you.        

Flowers for wedding

A wedding is the most special Day of one’s life. Whether you are a groom or a bride-to-be, this is a lifetime event for you. On this Day, apart from decorations, your most special connection with the flowers is through bouquets and boutonnieres. A lady wants a perfect bouquet to hold, whereas men would look for the most suitable boutonnieres in their suits. So, if you’re going to decorate a wedding venue or want to present or send flowers to your loved ones on this occasion, Petawawa florist is there with all the solutions. Here is a list of flowers you can choose from before finalizing things.


Are the most gorgeous looking flowers of all ages. Hydrangeas are known to express heartfelt emotions and perseverance. This flower surrounds you with the feelings required to build a new relationship.


Peonies are said to build prosperity and good fortune. Sending, presenting, and decorating venues with ponies bring lots of good luck in the lives of married couples. 

Flowers for valentine’s Day

Flowers are considered to be the best gift to express love. Also, if you want to propose to someone special, and you cannot say it directly, I bet flowers will help you like none other. Different color flowers express different emotions, so you can select the one that communicates your feelings. Ontario flowers are the best way to go on any valentine’s Day. Here are some of the flowers you can consider as well.

Roses- nothing like a rose can be more expressive in a romantic relationship. No matter what level you are in your relationship, a rose will be there with a new color to communicate your feelings.

Primrose- denotes young love or love of youth. So if you are in the early part of your relationship, primrose will help you to put forth your initial feelings.

Flowers have the potential to speak up on behalf of you. Try out the best fresh bloom at www.pembrokeflowers.ca and take your relationship to another by gifting them the most beautiful and relevant flowers.