From what age can you take automatic driving lessons?

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The legislation of the highway code specifies that the minimum age to start the automatic driving lessons Birmingham varies from 15 to 17 years according to the type of training chosen.

By opting for advanced driving learning (AAC), each candidate must first enroll in a driving school to pass their highway code, from the age of 15. In the event of success in the theoretical exam, the apprentice can take his first hour of driving, alongside an approved automatic driving instructor Birmingham. A total of 20 hours of driving is required before continuing to accompany driving. When they are ready, young drivers can then drive a vehicle with a loved one who has at least 5 years of license. They must travel more than 3,000 kilometers in order to be able to pass the practical automatic driving lessons test, from the age of 17. If successful, however, the young driver will not be able to travel alone before the age of 18. This early license training has a 75% success rate.

As part of classic training, it is possible to register as an independent candidate or as a driving school student from the age of 16. At 17, students can then take the highway code exam.

Young drivers in classic training must wait until they are 18 to take the practical automatic driving lessons tests. If you fail the license exam, you can also take hours of supervised driving. Finally, as a free candidate, the law allows you to start learning to drive even before passing the code.

From the age of 16, you can take a driving course at any time with an independent driving instructor registered on the Superprof platform.

What will be the program of your driving lessons?

Driving a car or a motorcycle cannot be invented. Whatever category of license you wish to pass, you must take at least 20 hours of lessons.

On average, learner drivers require 35 hours of driving before obtaining automatic driving lessons. To maximize your chances of passing the exam, it is therefore essential that you have learned to master the fundamentals of driving. Driving schools and our independent instructors will be able to provide you with personalized training with all the necessary basic lessons:

  • Shift gears,
  • downgrade,
  • Brake and respect the safety distances,
  • Adjust your pace according to the situation,
  • hold the steering wheel,
  • Cross roundabouts,
  • pass a vehicle,
  • fall back on a path,
  • Make a parking slot,
  • turn left and right,
  • Respect priorities,
  • Make visual checks,
  • Check the blind spot, etc.

To obtain your car license or your motorcycle license, contact our approved instructors on Superprof! There is nothing better to learn to drive a car or a motorcycle than to benefit from the advice of a qualified driving instructor. This way, you will be able to progress and gain confidence quickly!

How to find your independent Automatic driving lessons in coventry?

To find your future driving instructor on Superprof, simply compare the ads of our trainers. You can then choose an independent instructor available in your city, according to your own criteria:

  • Check the qualifications and diplomas of the instructor,
  • Take driving lessons to regain control,
  • Take refresher courses,
  • Do a points recovery course following a cancellation of the license,
  • Learn to drive with a manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox,
  • Take an hour of free driving,

Before making your selection, it is therefore strongly advised to think carefully about your identification of your objectives.

Would you like to take lessons to relieve stress before taking the driving test? Are you looking for accelerated training to pass the final test on the first try? Or do you simply want an intensive course free of charge following a license invalidation (for example)?

The price per hour of training and the number of years of experience of the teacher are also impacting factors that should guide your choice.

Why choose Superprof for your driving lessons?

Choosing driving training with Superprof offers you a more flexible and economical solution than going through a traditional driving school.

Indeed, by requesting an independent driving school instructor, you will learn to handle your vehicle with a road professional. Our driving school instructors hold a certificate of professional competence as a driving and road safety teacher.

By choosing our automatic driving lessons in coventry, you recruit an independent trainer with more freedom than being an employee of his motorbike school. He or she can indeed have his own dual-control car, choose his working hours, and better adapt to his students.

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