The receipt Whatsapp lottery starts with how to participate, from monthly to weekly extractions.

Whatsapp Lottery

The receipt lottery starts after four years of postponements, starting by making purchases with cards and debit cards and presenting the appropriate code at the cash desk; it will be possible to participate in the monthly drawings and the weekly ones, which will begin in June. But it will also be possible to win a “super prize” scheduled for the annual extraction. Cashback, the deception of the flop provision: zero effects on tax evasion

The rules from Whatsapp Lottery

The rules to get start: the Revenue and sign the provision that fixes all the stakes, from excluding expenses to scanning the extractions that will concern customers and shopkeepers. The first ten lucky consumers will win, making the establishments where they made cashless purchases.

The Whatsapp lottery of receipts starts soon.

The weekly draw prize for the annual drawing At the beginning of next year, on a date yet to be fixe in the calendar, the first annual draw rewards one of the purchases made by assigning it to the operator Whatsapp lottery winner.

How to participate in KBC Whatsapp Lottery

All adults residing in Italy who pay with credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, or apps for goods or services for at least at merchants who send the fees electronically can participate in the receipt lottery. Cash purchases, online purchases, those for which an invoice those for which the customer provides the operator with his tax code or health card for a tax deduction or deduction exclusion. You don’t even participate with tickets to cinemas, theaters, and museums because, in these cases, the electronic transmission of the receipts to the Revenue. The same goes for postal receipts, a full petrol tank, for using restaurant tickets or meal vouchers, gift cards, and parking payments.

To try your luck, you must first connect to KBC Helpline Number.

The site It and register, obtaining a lottery code (alphanumeric code and barcode) which must print or save on your mobile device to show at the cash desk at each payment: you will get as many tickets as the spent (up to a maximum of virtual tickets per receipt). The lottery code combines with the tax code but “does not allow tracking” of purchases; the kBC Company lottery system only receives data on the amounts spent and payment methods. The winners will contact or via registered letter with a return receipt and must present themselves for identification to the offices of the Customs. They will then receive a bank or postal transfer with the winnings. After three months, the prizes can no longer claim, and the funds will return to the Treasury.

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