How do POS EMIs Help Sell Flagship Products?

How do POS EMIs Help Sell Flagship Products

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, or consumer, Innvoiti has payment options to suit your needs. Local and enterprise merchants have seen increased transactions at the Innoviti terminal due to unique no-cost and low-cost EMI plans being offered solely by the payment provider. 

As merchants extend these POS loans in response to the budgetary constraints or goals of customers, the latter is more likely and confident to apply for long-tenured EMI schemes that are a special offering on the Innoviti genie terminal.

By pitching POS EMIs for costlier or big-ticket items, merchants are able to clear their inventory faster and make space for flagship products. 

How can merchants benefit from POS EMIs?

Boost Sales

Increasing sales is one of the biggest advantages of offering EMI to retailers. In India, the concept of EMI at the time of checkout is gaining traction as demonstrated by the transaction data on Innoviti terminals. 

Merchants are undoubtedly assisted in selling high-value products due to the ease with which EMI at point-of-sale transactions is executed.

Hence, even under economic pressure, customers are willing to go for big-ticket products. 

New customer acquisition

Retailers can increase their clientele by offering the option of EMI. Unlike other payment providers, with Innoviti’s EMI wallet, merchants now have the flexibility to offer comfortable repayment tenures even on products not covered by brand or bank offers. 

With versatile BNPL options, new customers are acquired. 

Retaining customers

Customer retention is dependent on the willingness of the merchant to accommodate the shifting payment needs of the customer. 

By offering the option of purchasing now and paying later, new customers are attracted. It is a great opportunity for retailers to acquire new customers and expand their business. 

Compete with online sellers

As e-commerce has become a major threat to offline merchants, local retailers are required to develop strategies to protect and boost their customer base. 

There is an expectation for merchants to offer products at reasonable prices. A sure-shot solution for this is Innoviti’s robust no cost EMI plans. Through this, merchants are able to redirect traffic to their stores. 

Interactive and intuitive, Innoviti PoS terminals are able to use customer eligibility and generate appropriate EMI plans for customers on their preferred products. 

Wider Offline Customer Base

With EMIs at the point of sale, merchants can reach offline customers who are of the aspirational middle class but are unable to afford expensive products. 

A retailer’s profitability increases when customers are able to finance their purchases through EMIs, ultimately causing a perception shift regarding offline purchases. 

The likelihood of selling expensive items increases when merchants cater to a broader and untapped customer segment


Today, there are many POS terminals available in the market, but an obvious choice is that of India’s largest growth partner to merchants: Innoviti. As a result, merchants are able to choose the best solution at the most competitive price. A POS system from Innoviti is perfect for any type of business, particularly retail businesses.