Learn to ride a hoverboard in 10 minutes. It’s simple!


If you’ve plucked up the courage and already bought a hoverboard, there’s only one thing left to do: learn how to use it without embarrassing yourself by repeatedly falling down, in the middle of the street, in front of everyone.

A hoverboard will give you moments of satisfaction, but if you don’t want the experience to end by injuring yourself, you must take into account some precautions. You don’t have to worry too much; with a little patience and some exercises you will be “flying” with your new gadget in no time.
What is a hoverboard made of?
Most hoverboards are similar in shape and therefore function identically, so this guide should work regardless of which model you purchased. Normally, a hoverboard is divided into two sections that allow independent forward and backward movements for each part. Right next to the central part, where the two sections meet, there are LEDs that indicate the charge level of the battery and warn you if it needs calibration. The hoverboard is also equipped with two small “headlights” in the front of each section to help light your way or warn others not to stand in your way.

How do you get on a hoverboard?
After making sure that the hoverboard is fully charged by checking the battery light and making sure that no other warning lights are on, place the hoverboard on a smooth surface that has no obstacles nearby .

The orientation of the “headlights” is forward. It depends only on you how you choose to get on the hoverboard because, thanks to its self-balancing ability, it will work well in both ways, forward and backward.

Getting on the hoverboard and leaving the place are probably the most difficult aspects you will encounter while using it. You have to climb carefully, first putting one foot and then the second. Do this with a quick movement. If you wait too long, the imbalance created will force you to jump off the hoverboard.

You must not make sudden movements because there is a risk of falling! After you have both feet on the hoverboard, you make slow forward and backward movements. It would be preferable to hold on to someone or a wall. Do a repeated swing several times, leaning on your face and back to learn to keep your balance. It’s easy.

To get a perfect balance try to keep your legs straight and don’t try to swing on your toes or heels. Keep your feet more toward the wheels and not on the center. This also allows for increased stability by spreading the weight more evenly.

How to get around on a hoverboard
You have to understand that the hoverboard is not able to read your thoughts. Regardless of what some claim, everything about hoverboard steering comes down to the laws of physics.

  • To control the board, you only need a small impulse given by the lower part of the legs and fingers, and this can create the feeling that the hoverboard reads your thoughts. In reality, however, you lean very easily in the direction you want to move on the board, as soon as you think about it.
  • You have to be careful not to lean too hard in any direction because you will fall. The most common mistake made by those who get on a hoverboard for the first time is to move their whole body too much. This will force you to make an extra effort to regain your stability.
  • When you want to increase your stability on the board, you have to bend your legs slightly, thus decreasing the center of gravity and reducing the swaying.
  • Getting started is simple: you lean forward on both sections you hold your feet on to go forward and backward to go backwards. It all depends on how you apply your weight on the board.

How to take turns with the hoverboard
Turning and changing the direction of travel of the hoverboard is relatively similar to walking on it. This is extremely easy because each part is independent. If you want to go to the right, apply light pressure on the right side of the hoverboard. It is the same if you want to go to the left! But the idea is that you have to push the left leg to leave the right one, respectively to go to the right, and vice versa.

How do you spin on a hoverboard?
To spin in a circle with a hoverboard, simply push your toes and heels in opposite directions to each other. To turn to the left, push off the toes of the right foot and the left ankle. To turn to the right, push the toes of the left foot down and the right ankle.

How do you get off the hoverboard?
To get off the hoverboard, it is good to put only one foot on the ground first. Use this leg to ensure the stability of your body, until you get the other leg off the hoverboard.

Although it may seem tempting to try to jump off the board, this can cause accidents, so don’t risk it!

Safety measures when using the hoverboard
It is inevitable that you won’t have a few tantrums while you try to “master” the new toy. Some are of the opinion that it is easier to practice in the room. A carpet, if you have one in the house, will alleviate the discomfort. But be careful to stay as far as possible from the furniture and valuables in the room. Others think that it is best to practice (at least the ascent and descent) on the grass. Thus, you will reduce the speed of the hoverboard.

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