The 5 Best examples of Narrative Writing

Narrative Writing

The simplest definition of narrative writing is a piece of writing that ends up telling a story, and it is one of four classical modes or ways that composers and writers in the modern day use to present information and their content. While some of the other examples of narrative writing include an exposition that elaborates and analyzes an idea or more than one idea or maybe an argument, which leads to persuade the reader to a justified point of view. It involves a description, a written explanation, and an elaborate form of a visual experience bringing in all the attention of the reader.

Five Elements of the Narrative Writing 

When it comes to the form of Narrative Writing, every piece of work includes the very prime five elements of the work – Plot, Setting, Characters, Conflict, and Theme. These elements are what make this form of writing one of the most intriguing and challenging. 

It is the job of the author or writer to bring and include all of these five elements in their work in the most subtle yet not-so-subtle manner to pique the interest of the reader. 

The example of narrative writing given here will help you understand the procedure of incorporating the plot, characters, setting, and the entire theme in a justified manner.

Before you begin writing your essay, ensure you read and go through a sufficient number of samples of narrative essays. Going through those samples of Narrative essays will help you in gaining knowledge on the dos and don’ts of a good and rich narrative essay.

Priorly gaining knowledge will always be a better option to have some sense of direction before you start working on anything. Further, you can find necessary points and details and a bunch of examples of narrative essays which will also help you build your content keeping in mind all the aforementioned facts. The examples of Narrative Essays inform the readers about the writing style and structure of the narration implied by the composer. The essay mentioned below will allow you to understand how to build a story in no time.


The villagers were losing a few goats and poultry to a mystery recently. The mystery had spread like a wildfire in the village missing cattle. Despite several speculations from the villagers, the disappearances were unjustified. Everyone in the village was in a state of dismay when one day suddenly the tiger appeared and launched an attack on one of the villagers.

And then one day the prey was not any farm animal this time, instead it was a young child who was then playing by the barn. The villagers decided, they had to put a stop to it. They brought together a group of the bravest men and then armed them with shotguns and planned to attack the tiger. According to the plan they also brought a goat to lure the tiger into their trap.

They left for the Jungle in the night. For hours they did not hear anything. But then they found paw prints on the ground which assured of the tiger’s trail.  Then they set the goat as a trap and waited for the tiger.

 After waiting for an entire daytime finally, he fell into the trap. One of the members shot the tiger dead and they rescued the goat safely back to their village.


Eventually, the mission was accomplished.  The men of the village had killed the wild beast and had emerged successful.