Understanding the Different Types of Essays writing Used in Academic Writing

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There are a number of different types of essays used to assess the students’ progress in academic writing. These include descriptive essays, narrative essays, expository essays, argumentative essays, reflective essays, persuasive essays and analytical essays. All these different essays have different formats and structural requirements. Students often make the mistake of confusing each one with the other and land up providing insufficient information or structure in the assignment.

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Analytical Essays

Most academic essays are off the analytical kind and require you to provide in-depth analysis or critical analysis of a specific topic. Our academic help services online structure the assignment according to the main requirement file and provide credible sources to replenish the essay.

Narrative Essays and Reflective Essays

Both narrative and reflective essays are written in the first person in most cases unless otherwise mentioned. A narrative essay is a narration of a particular event or an idea. In comparison, a reflective essay is a reflection on your personal experiences regarding a course or an event. Both these essays require you to provide academic sources that would support your arguments. We provide emergency assignment help in all these essays and will guarantee on-time delivery of the guide to the client.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay in a literature assignment is where you have to provide an in-depth description of a scene or place or an object. These essays are used to bring out your creativity and your writing skills. We provide cheap essay support services that will help you understand how to write and describe a particular event creatively.

Expository Essay

These essays compare and contrast essays or analytical essays as well. This is based on facts and requires a large number of academic sources that will support your arguments. These essays are used to understand the research capabilities of the students. Our essay writing services are extremely experienced in providing help to students who need assistance with their expository essays. We will help you with the research and also provide a full list of sources with the links so that you can revert to them and compose your essay in your own words.

Argumentative and Persuasive Essays

These essays are about a debate regarding a topic, and you need to provide a number of sources that will support your final argument. Most of the time, these essays require you to choose a particular side and provide enough evidence for the topic.

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